13 ottobre 2022
by Guendalina Dainelli

Dolce, Martini & Gabbana

DG Martini
DG Martini

The iconic Italian bar and bistro, created in 2003 by Martini and Dolce & Gabbana, lights up with red tones after a meticulous renovation.

The two brands reinvent the spaces of a historic Corso Venezia building from the 1500s, sitting perfectly with the architecture. Large portals featuring tubular elements in red painted steel reminiscent of great contemporary art frame two street entrances emblazoned with the novelty of Martini and linked DG logos.

For its collaboration with Martini, D&G relies once again on American architect Eric Carlson’s CARBONDALE, an internationally renowned award-winning architecture studio. Although perhaps not at the level of maximalist aesthetics and theatrical luxury of some fashionable establishments in Rome and Paris, the venue’s extremely elegant spaces will surely make it a privileged destination for Milan’s nightlife, a glamorous lunch, a sophisticated break, or honoring the all-Italian ritual of aperitif.

The main courtyard is now the new Veranda, a place where to enjoy signature cocktails featuring two large counters in Absolute Black marble. There is a zebra effect on the handcrafted Murano glass walls as well as the six large chandeliers that mark the space. Citrus trees in large basalt flower vases line the outer perimeter, a recurring element of the Martini brand, with its distinctive stylistic signature of citing Mediterranean aromas and flavors.

Inside, there is a brand-new restaurant with a new menu dedicated to traditional Italian cuisine. Dolce & Gabbana Home Collection furnishings and complements like Margherita armchairs, Marte tables, and mise en place accessories are all about craftsmanship, design, and the art of hosting.

The refined Martini lounge is the beating heart, the Pizzeria oven an informal note. Made in Italy is served.

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