14 giugno 2023

Bicentennial cedars


Tassoni, a symbolic reality of Made in Italy born in Salò, on the western shore of Lake Garda, celebrates a history of 230 years with the issuance of a dedicated postage stamp, which is part of the thematic series "Excellence of the production and economic system." The cancellation of the stamp, wanted by the Italian Postal Service and the Ministry of Economic Development, took place at the Salò Town Hall.

The stamp dedicated to the company, part of the Lunelli Group since 2021, depicts the iconic Cedrata bottle. Printed in 270,000 copies, it will be distributed nationwide and become part of the Museum of the Italian Postal Service.

Much has changed since the birth of the apothecary's shop in the second half of the 1700s, which became a pharmacy in 1793 and was later acquired by the Marquis Tassoni who gave it its name, recognized as the oldest company in the Lombardy locality, to which it remains inextricably linked. The original values of naturalness, quality and craftsmanship remain unchanged, however, as do the taste and original recipe of Cedrata, the company's flagship product.

The 230th anniversary is a unique opportunity to honor the history of what is to all intents and purposes a love brand that has become part of our country's collective imagination. In this important year, a new era under the banner of "the luxury of daring" also kicks off, inviting an unconventional choice inspired by the splendor of the Art Nouveau style and aiming to make Tassoni the Italian luxury soft drink par excellence.

More contemporary visual identity and expansion of the collection with new creations designed for the world of mixology are the elements of the ambitious relaunch project that, starting from the territory and history, looks to the future. The new identity enhances the brand's characteristics of authenticity and historicity, but reinterprets them in a contemporary key and aims to engage new generations through bold and bewitching images inspired by the world of fashion. Cedrata's historic "citrus peel" bottle is made even more distinctive today with a highly visible embossing of the logo and founding date that underscores its connection to the Lake Garda area.

"We are honored to celebrate this important milestone with the issuance of a stamp that includes Tassoni among the 'excellences of the production and economic system,'" comments Matteo Lunelli. "At the same time we renew our commitment to enhance in a contemporary key the know-how intrinsic in the 230-year history of the company, confirming in particular Cedrata Tassoni as the Italian luxury soft drink par excellence capable of combining tradition and innovation, history and future, memory and dream."

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