7 luglio 2022
by Guendalina Dainelli

NFT at the table. Dine and Design

Chef Alessandro Miceli
Chef Alessandro Miceli


It is not at all easy to combine the food of the finest Italian cuisine with the most sophisticated technologies and trends of Web 3.0. Alessandro Miceli, the award-winning chef at the helm of Bella Restaurant & Lounge Dubai, has succeeded: he is the first to introduce an NFT in a food and wine experience.  

Its format, now exported, is called ‘Dine & Design’. Pending the next Emirati edition (date set for September 24 in the shadow of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world), the NFT culinary experience was brought to the Salone del Mobile in Milan in collaboration with the architect Clara Voce, founder of 1747 Studio Concept & Design, a firm specializing in designing restaurants according to the chef’s creativity. 

Dine & Design, conceived in the distant lands of the United Arab Emirates, is an all-Italian and absolutely revolutionary project that aims to bring together architects and chefs to create intimately connected F&B spaces. “Because the clientele at the tables of Michelin-starred restaurants,” says Miceli, “is increasingly demanding.” It is not enough to taste, savor and sip in an exclusive ambiance. Today, they also want to know, discover and above all “hold onto” the experience like an object to be preserved. Something unthinkable in the past but which is now possible through NFT technologies: Non Fungible Tokens, a rapidly growing phenomenon in the world of digital assets, a new frontier for art collectors and constantly expanding in the most diverse sectors. Such as food and wine. 

It is not enough to taste, savor and sip in an exclusive ambiance. Today, customers also want to know, discover and above all “hold onto” the experience like an object to be preserved.

It is with these numerous ideas in mind that the explosive chef Alessandro Miceli and the architect Clara Voce, with a passion for cooking, have created a gustatory space aimed at new trends, in which each event is combined with a specific graphic document, an architectural cross-section of the product that is also an interesting informative summary as well as an interactive illustration of the recipe enjoyed.  

Using QR codes and video-descriptive media, as if by magic, the dishes will always have exactly the same ingredients: traceable, available and imprinted in the menu's digital memory. In short, they will be literally “unforgettable”: from the architecture of the dish, to the mise en place, the pairing of wines, even the serving dish, the glass or the cutlery used. 

With nearly 30 years’ experience in some of the most famous kitchens in the world, from Italy to England and the United Arab Emirates, Chef Miceli is now the big name in Dubai's most glamorous Italian eatery: Bella, at the Grand Millennium Hotel Business Bay. And right in the pulsating Emirati metropolis, where it is easy to connect with all the newest trends, the next NFT event is hotly anticipated, limited to 50 lucky diners who will be able to monetize the gastronomic experience and exchange it in the future on the collectors' market. “I want to break a world record,” says chef Miceli, “in one night, we will have a concentration of such extraordinary ingredients never seen before, never tasted together, anywhere in the world.” And a fortunate few, at the end of the summer, will discover them in person. 


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