17 novembre 2022
by Sonia Montrella

'Ma che bel sol', Pret a Couture

Ma che bel sol 
Ma che bel sol 

The limited-edition collection Ma che bel sol experiments with a modern ready-to-wear look for women inspired by the wardrobe of well-mannered little girls from the 80s. A local project that started in Rome and has quickly reached cult status, the collection is now selectively distributed throughout Italy.

Young stylists and childhood friends Delfina Mingione and Fiamma Andrioli are the co-founders of this successful brand, a super-modern classic with third millennium proportions and free interpretations of colors and fabrics. A mix of innocence and elegance, for modern and dynamic women who love to remember the past with irony.

Fabrics range from the most original tartans to the most rigorous solid colors

Classic kilt skirts are revisited and modernized with small adaptations. Sexy high waists bring femininity to a traditionally masculine and rather rigid garment, on bold miniskirts for younger women, to be worn with men's boots, and sophisticated knee-lengths showing high slits that play hide-and-seek with the pleats, like the maxi-lengths, marking the waist and soft on the hips.

The pure wool fabrics made in Italy range from the most original tartans to the most rigorous solid colors. Details are important; the traditional buckles and straps are handcrafted with genuine leather.

There are also cool silk and cotton blouses sporting large collars and voluminous shoulders, both childlike and sexy, and refined with meticulous details like stitch finishes on the collars, old-fashioned covered buttons made with the same fabric as the blouse, and close-fitting double buttonholes.

The whole collection is skillfully hand tailored, and any of the items can be custom made, in an old-fashioned workshop of Rome, where high fashion first rose to international fame.

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