2 settembre 2022
by Manuela D'Alessandro

Cinema on the Flying Red Carpet

Hillary Clinton 
Hillary Clinton 

The Film Festival breaks down the wall that separated it from the crowd during the pandemic and the stars return to shine for the universe on the red carpet. The rays are dazzling, though the neighboring clash of weapons, evoked in a video message by Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelensky that chills the Great Hall, imposes sober clothes and tones. 

The beauty and extravagance has you rubbing your eyes as early as the lobby of the Excelsior, adorned with the effigies of movie stars and outside, passing through the legendary revolving doors of the sumptuous Moorish hotel that in the morning drive the staff crazy because of an overly sensitive sensor; but at show time, everything goes smoothly. 

Almost everyone has to pass by here to get to the the red carpet, to show themselves humble, vain or anxious to photographers and fans eagerly snapping shots even with imperfect strangers as long as they exhibit some eccentric detail, not necessarily of great taste. Like a beautiful brunette in red dress, cut so low as to go beyond any threshold of modesty. The videomaker lifts the camera quickly to film her.

The carpet is less exclusive than you might think

"Maybe it's a bit too much ...” she pushes her dress up a bit, struck by sudden and unrequested shyness.  “What's your name?” is the question that is repeated to those who end up in front of the camera because, you should know, it is more the non-famous than the famous doing the walk. The carpet is less exclusive than you might think. The question is followed by a pleased smile and a short resume, as maybe this is it, this time I’ll get noticed. 

In the whirl of sightings, the most unexpected “Ohhh!” is for a seventy-year-old dressed in a not very chic blue caftan. We approach with some excitement the former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who has come to attend an event organized by Diane Von Furstenberg. “How are you?” “Very well, thank you!” she sparkles with good humor; us a little less so, as we are knocked back by a powerful hand-off by her bodyguard. The scream of an elegant lady in her fifties brings us back to earth. 

In the whirl of sightings, the most unexpected “Ohhh!” is for a seventy-year-old dressed in a not very chic blue caftan

“Sandokaaaan!” Kabir Bedi! Jacket à la Tigers of Mompracem, still a very striking man with that beguiling look. Even men incredulously stroke his brindled outfit with a mixture of gentleness and gratitude for this legend at such close range. The models are into black and white; maybe this too is a sign of moderation? White dress with cape and snake sandals for model Isabeli Fontana, one of the most photographed. 

Nude look with black veils for the Italian top model, Mariacarla Boscono. Bright pink the choice of Brazilian super model Alessandra Ambrosio. Easy: stunning as she is, there was no need to depart from the safety of tradition, like the host Rocio Morales in black and white Giorgio Armani. 

And the actors? Oh, yes. Here they are. Before everyone and everything, Julianne Moore, the President of the Jury. Valentino dress with see-through skirt and sweetheart neckline with mini colored sequins and matching cape, she vanishes like a colorful cloud towards the red carpet, surrounded by silent admiration for a woman who has nothing more to prove and, in fact, she is here to judge who is the best. 

Adam Driver, among the most eagerly awaited actors, appearing in the opening film 'White Noise', heads to the red carpet with the others from the cast, including Jodie Turner-Smith with Gucci look and green gloves, in cars with tinted windows, causing some disappointment among fans. Very tall, austere in his black tuxedo, he makes up for it by signing autographs when he gets out of the car. 

Another lady in her seventies, this time in a long-sleeved red dress with a split, a much publicized appearance, unlike the former first lady. Catherine Deneuve shows up barefoot, with her shoes in hand to receive the Lion for Lifetime Achievement. “Are you happy Catherine?” the reporters ask her as she walks by. “Well, happy… enough,” she answers, with a thoughtful look. The carpet can also bring a bit of melancholy, perhaps, when you have walked it over a long life and the brightest yards have slipped away.  

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