2 gennaio 2023
by Gabriella Bianchi

Christmas Underwater


The slow descent, as the oxygen bubbles rise to the surface, the muffled silence, the deep blue of the water and then the reflected, amplified lights that recall the ambiance of Christmas. There is an eco-friendly tree, just like those displayed in the most visible corner of every home during the festive period.

But it is not your ordinary tree and it’s certainly not for everyone. An experience only for intrepid free divers or divers because you have to reach a depth of 42 meters in the deepest thermal pool in the world to enjoy this modern fairytale atmosphere. It was the instructors at the Y-40 The Deep Joy in Padua who set this Christmas-themed record. Slowly, they took the large fir to the depths of the pool. They set it up with Christmas LEDs and decorations and then surrounded it with gifts.

There, at the bottom, there are also the green tin boxes containing panettone from the association Braccio di Ferro RfE, a local non-profit organization that supports the projects at the Padua Children’s Hospice. Because the aim of the initiative, as explained by the architect who conceived and designed the installation, Emanuele Boaretto, is certainly “A way to celebrate Christmas together by making your diving dreams come true, having fun, but above all bringing joy and hope to the little guests at the city hospice.”

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