17 novembre 2022
by Riccardo Bastianello

Solidarity Prosecco


This year, there were 500 people. Five hundred people who, without asking for anything in return, spent a day harvesting almost 100 quintals [10 tons] of grapes destined to become around 8,500 bottles of excellent Prosecco DOCG Superiore Extra-dry. This is the only true ‘Vendemmia Solidale’ [Solidarity Harvest] in Italy (complete with a trademark registered with the Italian Patent Office). This year, the harvesters among the rows of glera at the winery Le Manzane in San Pietro di Feletto (Treviso) included the influencer Nicola Canal, biologist Sammy Basso, the Benetton Rugby player Tiziano Pasquali and the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia.

All this to produce a Prosecco to be sold to raise money for the National Animal Protection Agency (ENPA). But there is also another curious feature: this Prosecco is also the only one that has a label in Braille — a series of dots, not even a millimeter thick — enabling the blind to read useful information such as the name of the wine and the winery, the vintage and the alcohol content.

The Prosecco will be sold to raise money for the National Animal Protection Agency (ENPA)

“In terms of harvest, we can say that with the heat and drought of the 2022 vintage, the quantity is certainly lower than in previous years, about 10-12% less,” Ernesto Balbinot, owner of the Le Manzane, explained to AGI. “We managed to irrigate occasionally and the quality is good with an excellent sugar content, but the acidity is slightly below average. The product obtained is re-fermenting in autoclaves and the first tastings, the aromas, despite the difficult year, are proving fresh and fruity. We are confident about the success of the sparkling wine.”

The funds raised from the sale of the Prosecco (usually between €10,000 and €15,000) will be used to purchase the diagnostic equipment of the new free clinic for dogs and cats in Ponzano Veneto which will be named after Enrico Crosato, ENPA volunteer who died on January 6, 2020 at the age of just 27 due to a serious illness. The service will be open to less well-off pet owners (based on their ISEE [financial/asset status certificate] or on the recommendation of the municipal authority). Their pets will be provided with food and outpatient care completely free of charge.

Good Prosecco that does good. And it is no coincidence that the claim chosen by Le Manzane is “to be happy.” The associations supported by the Vendemmia Solidale over the 11 years since it began include the Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli Ipovedenti (for the blind and visually impaired), the Fondazione Dottor Sorriso, the Fondazione ‘Città della Speranza’, the Fondazione Oltre il labirinto Onlus for autism, Disabili No Limits Onlus, the Associazione Italiana Progeria Sammy Basso Onlus and many, many more. The solidarity harvest has funded clown therapy on hospital wards, programs in research of cancer, ALS or rare aging-related diseases and to buy hugbikes, wheelchairs and material to support and help young people with serious disabilities.

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