17 gennaio 2023
by Sonia Montrella

Louis Vuitton puts an Italian in the Suitcase


Unstoppable. Pietro Beccari keeps on moving. And with the new year, the highly esteemed Italian manager of high fashion leaves the post of CEO of Christian Dior Couture to take his place in the most coveted position at the helm of Louis Vuitton. The luxury brand par excellence welcomes an Italian into its control room for the very first time. 

Pietro Beccari is the new ceo of Louis Vuitton

For Beccari, it is another move in the Bernard Arnault empire. He has been working at the famous fashion house for 17 years. He joined Arnault's group as executive vice president of Marketing and Communication for Louis Vuitton. Since that first assignment, he has collected one success after another, managing the most famous brands on the international scene. In 2012, he became president and CEO of Fendi. In February 2018, he took the position of CEO of Christian Dior Couture, as well as being a member of the Executive Committee of LVMH. And now, the most important and most glamorous appointment. 

“Pietro Beccari has done an exceptional job at Christian Dior over the past five years,” said Arnault. “His leadership has accelerated the appeal and success of this iconic maison,” added the French entrepreneur who, with a net worth of USD 196.5 billion, is among the richest men in the world.

Arnault: “His leadership has accelerated the appeal and success of this iconic maison

Born in Parma on 23 August 1967, Beccari graduated in 1992 in Business Management. He began his professional career in marketing at Benckiser (Italy) and Parmalat (USA), and then moved to the general management of Henkel (Germany), where he held the position of vice president of the Haircare division. Then the leap into an unknown sector: high-end fashion. The rest is today's news.  

“The mental attitude to life is what determines success and failure

The secret of success? He explained it himself during the ceremony to receive an award at the University of Parma, granted to former students: a mental attitude made up of “perseverance and ferocious determination; divine dissatisfaction and curiosity; authenticity and the ability to remain yourself.”

 “The mental attitude to life is what determines success and failure. Opportunities are all around us, we have the opportunity to seize them only if we are ready and have the right mentality to make them so,” explained Beccari. 

Sport has made me who I am

Married to Elisabetta, his lifelong companion, and father of three daughters, the manager hides (only just) his past as a (failed) footballer. It was Arrigo Sacchi who helped him understand that he wasn't exactly a champion. However, he said some time ago: “Sport has made me who I am. I got up at 4 in the morning to get everything done. That’s how I learned discipline, it made me a Calvinist. And it taught me the strength of teamwork.”

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