12 maggio 2023
by Ada Capitàni

The graduate

Laurea honoris causa Giorgio Armani 
Laurea honoris causa Giorgio Armani 

"There are two things that bring me here with great emotion: to receive what you wanted to award me and to see Piacenza again." This was said today by Giorgio Armani on stage at the Municipal Theater in Piacenza, moments after receiving an honorary degree in Global Business Management from the Catholic University.

After affectionately greeting the students, Armani stressed "the doubly special value" of the title he received from the university, "because it rewards my role as an entrepreneur, commitment and passion," but also because "it is conferred on me in my hometown, in a magical place that fascinated me as a child. From Piacenza I left for Milan, but my roots have remained here."

The Catholic University awarded the designer and entrepreneur an honorary degree "for the international dimension of the brand, the holistic approach to sustainability, the relentless pursuit of improvement and the awareness of the centrality of business in the creation of shared value."

Born in Piacenza in 1934, Armani "is one of the most illustrious sons of the city of Piacenza, which has honored its image in the world," as the Rector pointed out. "Since 1975 he has gathered the tradition of Italian savoir-faire, which has its roots in our territory, in the trades and works of artisans and workers in weaving, tailoring, and costume, to reinterpret it and make it a universal iconic reference," said Anna Maria Fellegara, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law, reading the reasons for the award of the degree in Global Business Management.

Today Giorgio Armani is President and CEO of the Armani Group, among the world's leading fashion and luxury companies, with 8,304 employees and 9 production plants. The Group designs, manufactures, distributes and directly sells fashion and lifestyle products such as clothing, accessories, eyewear, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, furniture and home furnishings, and operates in the restaurant and hotel business. "The impulse to broaden the gaze from the object to the context has been the root and consequence of the global expansion of the Armani brand, which today defines a "style" not only in clothing, but in various areas of what is in a word called lifestyle," said Dean Anelli.

"I spoke about myself in this speech thinking especially of you students," Armani concluded. "Real work leads far."

"The eclecticism of entrepreneurial choices does not contradict, indeed at most enhances, the humanistic coherence of inspiration: from the unstructured jacket, the most iconic of Armani's creations, a project of a home, a hotel, an entertainment venue was born by contiguity, crossing the ancient passions for cinema and sports and extending to profiling a personal interpretation of glamour: "Behind is my eye and inside is my taste," Armani said. On the horizon, there is the future."


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