25 gennaio 2023
by Laura Antonini

The Great Influencer


The epitome of elegance, with superlative charm, character and, above all, style. Emulated and admired. It is the one who knew how to dress Gianni Agnelli, known as l’Avvocato (The Lawyer), but also Italian entrepreneur and politician, head of FIAT and senator for life, whose style, 20 years after his death (January 24) is still on-trend. 

“He wore a tie, typically knotted in Italian style (i.e. twice and not once), left a little loose and off-center, like an absent-minded student, perhaps even with the tail left longer than the blade, a faux pas according to style etiquette,” says Josh Sims in Men of Style - published by Luxury Books - who also recalls, "He was also a fan of the double-breasted jacket, which he wore unbuttoned, according to a look that went against the rules of respectability, and wore the collars of his Brooks Brothers button-down shirts unbuttoned, with or without a tie.”

The unwritten code of his wardrobe included classic flannel tailored suits, usually gray, whose jackets with wide lapels he liked to wear unbuttoned to show off the quality of the fabric. Patterns or bright colors were a no. Yes, however, to the contamination between formal and informal so much in vogue today, and a real passion for casual clothing and materials, such as sporty shawl-neck sweaters and lots of denim - jeans and shirts - which he wore on different occasions. As for shoes and socks, the former were never pointed and the latter were never short. And whilst ordinary glasses were banned, sunglasses were definitely an absolute must in all seasons.

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