17 novembre 2022
by Guendalina Dainelli

High altitude pampering


It is said that the palette, with white, slate, dark green and aquamarine, is inspired by the colors of Abu Dhabi: the green recalls the region’s ubiquitous date palms, the aquamarine points to the flat coastline with crystal-clear water and sandy beaches full of mangroves and slate symbolizes “the modernity of the iconic Abu Dhabi skyline.” 

Etihad Airways has (once again) looked to Italy for its latest premium offer. “Known globally for its Italian luxury and elegance, Armani/Casa is the ideal brand partner to create an unparalleled level of bespoke service and refinement for our guests,” states the UAE group’s announcement. A luxurious ceremony hosted in the capital concluded the sequence of clues scattered by the airline for weeks on social media, and the rumors that followed.

The 'Constellation Collection’, soft lines with a delicate star motif, includes a dining service with ceramics, glassware, cutlery and serving ware, as well as premium textiles for in-flight rest, in order to guarantee the perfect combination of comfort of a hotel and the elegance of a restaurant. For longer flights, there is also a memory foam mattress on the fully-flat bed that guests find in Business, including the Airbus A350 Business Studio suite, an elegant space with sliding door for assured privacy, and the business class suite Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which will take off in 2023.

Armani/Casa is the ideal partner to create an unprecedented level of tailored service and sophistication for our guests

There are many changes currently underway at Etihad, after the record profits of the first half of 2022. With the handover in top management, there was also the transfer to ADQ, the smallest of the capital's three main sovereign wealth funds, as well as one of the most active dealmakers in the region, now determined to consolidate Etihad's role as a global aviation hub. This news has been hailed by the local press as confirmation of the national vision that sees aviation as a strategic asset for economic diversification.

What is certain is that, setting corporate strategy aside, even the marketing strategy seems to be increasingly well-defined. After the partnership with Acqua di Parma to produce the amenity kits, today designers and influencers all agree on the verdict: Etihad, recognized for its sustainable travel experience, is now also the global leader for best-in-class service. A “boutique carrier” capable of ensuring exclusive “pampering” at high altitude for the most demanding and wealthy customers.

In appreciating the elegance of the exclusive proposal by Armani/Casa, there are those who add that it will perhaps be difficult to resist the beauty of certain objects, such as the small gold mixer for coffee or the unusual green container for salt and pepper. With a nod to guests who are partial to a keepsake from their travel experience, a few years ago Virgin Atlantic printed “pinched from Virgin Atlantic” on the bottom of the famous airplane salt and pepper shaker set. Apparently, the limited edition in red literally flew off the “shelves”.

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