3 maggio 2023
by Elisa Trincia

A jewel-bike for the Giro d'Italia


A jewel bike with a frame hand-decorated in gold leaf. This is the Colnago bike designed for the 106th edition of the Giro d'Italia and a symbol of Italian craftsmanship, which has always been synonymous with excellence around the world. 
The two-wheeler was conceived, designed and made in full Made in Italy style with the care and attention of artisanal craftsmanship, in a special edition and limited to only 50 examples for display. Entirely built in Italy, from the weaving of the carbon tubes to the assembly of the components, the gold leaf finish creates a unique texture. The very nature of the process, whereby the gold leaf is applied by hand, without following a predefined program, creates an ever-changing surface and makes each 'Giello Colnago' unique.

The Gioiello bicycle is based on the C68, with which it shares frame construction and workmanship. However, it is further embellished with many details; in addition to the gold leaf finish, there is the introduction of the Colnago motif with pattern that features the Ace of Flowers on the fork and saddle, as well as the bottle cage - made of titanium, 3D printed - that follows the shape of the Giro d'Italia Trophy. Colnago, the legendary cycling company and symbol of Italian craftsmanship around the world, and RCS Sport have signed a two-year agreement linking the Cambiago-based company to the Giro d'Italia. For this edition, in fact, Colnago will also make the Senza Fine Trophy case in addition to the Colnago Gioiello. 

The Giro d'Italia, now in its 106th edition, will start on May 6 from the Costa dei Trabocchi and conclude on May 28 in Rome.

The finish line will be crossed in the picturesque setting of the Fori Imperiali. This is the fifth time the capital has hosted the Giro d'Italia after 1911, 1950, 2009 and 2018. This is not a random choice; in fact, the goal is to show the world the organizational capacity and know-how typical of Italy with a view to strengthening Rome's candidacy as the venue for Expo 2030.

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