23 dicembre 2022
by Gabriella Bianchi

Cocktails on ice


The landscape has been there for thousands of years, with its immutable charm. But it’s a totally different perspective from a high-altitude terrace at the foot of Mont Blanc. The combination of the soft colors of nature and the brighter shades of human creativity is perfect for a few hours of relaxation.

The ORGANICS SkyGarden, at 2,173 meters above sea level, in Courmayeur, is the new panoramic terrace, the third following the earlier ventures in Milan and Rome by the consortium The ORGANICS by Red Bull and Skyway Monte Bianco.

The venue opened in the summer of 2022 and now this panoramic corner overlooking the Valle d'Aosta reopens for the winter season, with a starring range of natural drinks. 100% organic ingredients for cocktails to enjoy with a local Aosta Valley panino, a mountain burger or an Alpine poké.

A contemporary reinvention of mountain tradition for guests in search of new flavors inspired by old tastes. It is a balance between contrasts, including for the environment. Ice and snow warmed by the sun for an atmosphere that is anything but glacial thanks also to the nine musical events to be enjoyed by Skynautas on their way up Mont Blanc.

From December 28 to January 7, from 11.30 am to 3.30 pm, performances by various local artists will reinforce links with the region: Movin' K Duo, Duo Maravilha, Les Gitans des Alpes and TwinPeas Duo feat. Letizia Minacapilli.

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