8 giugno 2023

Sacred Architecture

Chiesa S.M.Goretti
Chiesa S.M.Goretti

The project ‘Chiesa di Santa Maria Goretti’ by MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects has won the Architizer A+Awards: now in its 11th edition and with an online following of more than 7 million people, the award, sponsored by the international media site Architizer, goes to the most cutting-edge projects and the most innovative solutions in the field of design.

The ‘Chiesa di Santa Maria Goretti’ was voted online by the public as the best project in the ‘Architecture + Small Projects’ category with the ‘Popular Choice’ award based on the project choices in the use of materials and floor plan layout, which led to an iconic result with a strong visual impact. Lonely and monolithic, the church stands in the heart of the Pollino National Park, on the border between Basilicata and Calabria, on the hills overlooking the town of Mormanno.

Standing 16 meters tall, the building is the custodian of sacred treasures within, in dialog with the surrounding landscape. The organic plan of the building is inspired by the shapes of Baroque churches, and the main facade, which opens onto the new square, features few but essential elements of Christian tradition: the doorway and the cross. The interior is filled with natural light, and from the top of the church, the artwork of Giuseppe Maraniello, a series of translucent veils, fills the central space, reflecting the natural light through its folds to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The project employed traditional materials such as stone, bronze, and mosaics that work in contrast and harmony with the Baroque layout. The wood and steel furniture, designed by MCD - Mario Cucinella Design, is deliberately minimalist to highlight the architectural and sculptural elements.

a series of translucent veils, fills the central space, reflecting the natural light through its folds to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere

“We are delighted with this award, which testifies to the value of the project both in terms of the respect for the context in which it stands and because of its specific religious function and the experience it offers visitors to the church. The spaces of the church, its historical works of art, the altars are all the stations of a path of spiritual growth. In our study of the forms, we sought balance: the ability to combine sacred moments with the enjoyment of the church. This is the value we brought to the project for the Church of St Maria Goretti,” says architect Mario Cucinella, founder of MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects.

The 2023 Architizer A+Awards joins a range of awards received for the ‘Chiesa di Santa Maria Goretti’ project, including the ‘BLT - Built Design Award 2022’ and the ‘2022 International Architecture Awards,’ which in turn can be added to the more than 60 awards received by MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects in more than 30 years of design.

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