6 aprile 2023
by Laura Antonini

Astral timepieces

G -Timeless Dancing Bees 
G -Timeless Dancing Bees 

A tourbillon, moon phase movements, precious stones, and a new perpetual calendar are some of the exciting features of the new Haute Horlogerie collections by Gucci.

Four kaleidoscopic designs have been added to the G-Timeless Planetarium, a collection literally centered around the Dancing Hours Flying Tourbillon caliber, GGC.1976.DS. Named in honor of the Orion Nebula NGC 1976—one of the brightest nebulae in our galaxy, visible to the naked eye— the tourbillon stands out at the center of the dial and is embellished with a diamond-studded star.

The tourbillon, moon phase movements, precious gemstones and a new perpetual calendar are some of the exciting features of the new Haute Horlogerie collections by Gucci.

Next, the G-Timeless Dancing Bees collection celebrates the bee motif, a tribute to life and nature that conquers space. 12 golden bees move across the dial, fluttering and shimmering hypnotically at the slightest movement of the wrist.

As for the made-to-order G-Timeless Moonlight watch, it displays the customer's place, time and date of birth. Six gemstones reflect an astral map in connection to the zodiac and the planetary positions at the time of birth and are combined with six diamonds set in an alternate manner on a revolving flange. Next is a crown at 2 o'clock that activates the revolving flange, which rotates randomly, together with the planets and gems.

The new models of the GUCCI 25H ultra-thin collection are called Skeleton Tourbillon; they feature masterfully set baguette diamonds, including 60 diamonds on the floating bridges of the dial and 44 diamonds on the bezel. They also come with colored bridges and matching rubber straps. In addition, the new GUCCI 25H may feature a perpetual calendar complication powered by the GG727.25.PC caliber, indicating hours, days, months, years, and phases of the moon.

Finally, we have Grip, which has become an instant cult item since it was launched in 2019, combining the skateboarding culture of the 1970s with an elegant design. The Grip’s jumping hour mechanism was first developed in the 1920s; it accumulates energy for 59 minutes and then snaps on to the next hour at the 60th minute. In 2023, the Grip is entirely covered with vintage-style semi-precious stones—brick red jasper or chrysoprase—set in 18k rose gold, with matching brick red or mint green discs and matching alligator straps.

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