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2 ottobre 2023

Interview with Nicola Bultrini: from poetry to sax, via a passion for contamination

by Lidia Lombardi
27 settembre 2023

Venice, the Golden Lion to Giorgio Armani, the Film Festival, maxi yacht races and the future. Interview with the mayor of the most enchanting of cities Luigi Brugnaro

by Rita Lofano
26 settembre 2023

History of one of the finest and most celebrated spirits in four golden rules about wine and drinking set them down by Apuleius in the second century to the modern day

18 settembre 2023

Liguria, the scalene region where everything is difficult. Every inch of soil is a challenge to geometry. Yet on the Rivieras, viticulture is an art, made up of silence, exile and cunning

by Stefano Rissetto
15 settembre 2023

A stage set among smoking stills, the smell of freshly distilled grappa, Friulian songs and dances, and long tables set. Portrait of the Nonino family

by Lidia Lombardi
14 settembre 2023

Fueling up at a gas station that is also a gourmet experience to be enjoyed, shared and told. High Italian cuisine, on the road, affordable, for everyone

by Edoardo Izzo
14 settembre 2023
by Alessandro Galiani

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